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Re: Rear axle ratios, 5.375:1

To: Matthew P Johnson <spriteguy@juno.com>
Subject: Re: Rear axle ratios, 5.375:1
From: Scott & Glenda Meyers <autox@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 20:29:57 -0700
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Matthew P Johnson wrote:

> I ran across an old differential carrier with 8-tooth pinion and 43-tooth
> crown wheel (5.375:1).  This sounds like a ratio found in a Morris Van.
> Does anyone know if this will fit in a Sprite MkIV axle housing?
> Any potential problems with using this in an autox car?

I just *removed* a 4.55 ring and pinion in my 60 Bugeye because it was too
low for autocross. I found that I needed to shift into third at awkward
times on many courses. I could legally go to a 4.22 or the 3.90 for SCCA D
Street Prepared class in Solo II - I'm going with the 3.90.  I am running a
stock cam and stock engine "innards". Have LCB headers, 45 DCOE Weber,
electronic ignition, and about 1380 pounds weight.

I think you would find first gear worthless, and spend most of your time in
second and third,
and maybe even fourth on autocross courses (depending on size of the lot

The 4.55 is for sale BTW......   :-)   Offers?

Scott Meyers
60 Bugeye
Phoenix Arizona USA

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