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Hey all again!! sorry for the lack of info

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Subject: Hey all again!! sorry for the lack of info
From: "R. Toby Atwater" <tob@taltec.net>
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 19:32:52 -0800
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 sorry for the lack of info on my previous post! Man this mailing list moves
fast! Ok here is  my search criteria:

    I am looking for an Austin Healey Sprite Mark ii or iii or iv  (square
body if i understand right) (sorry no midgets i.e. haven't done the research
on these cars yet... any helpful info on differences of midget & sprite is

    Condition:  Running but needs engine overhaul is good. Body can be
rusted and beat up but IT SHOULD look like the general form of an Austin
Healey Sprite. I don;t want to be bondoing & sanding & pounding until 2010.
I don;t care about paint condition or colour (having it painted no mater
what colour it is ...YES even puke green or what condition it's in)

no drivers seat touching the ground neither! (inside joke (wink))

Cost:  Ok here is the difficult part. I've seen some Prestin sprites for 10
grand and seen some project cars for 1/2 grand. I need to find a middle
ground. I would say 3500 seems to be a good deal for both parties.

emmmm. is that it? NO  I'm willing to travel to find one anywhere in the US.
(visiting around is cool) looks like I can have it shipped coast to coast
for less than 500 bucks with some shipping companies. By the way i'm in CA
so if you are too that's a plus! (I'll be over in about an hour is that OK?)

Parts? Availability? I restored a 1971 Land Cruiser and a company called
Specter had all the parts I would ever need right here in CA. Any such
company in the USA that makes or sells parts for Sprites?

If you need any more info on what I want (how selfish!) E-mail me and I will
respond no prob!

Bye Thanks Everybody!

Toby Atwater

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