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Re: UK Datsun 5 speed ?

To: Guy <Guy@weller-lakes.freeserve.co.uk>
Subject: Re: UK Datsun 5 speed ?
From: Ulix Goettsch <ulix@u.washington.edu>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 13:55:00 -0800 (PST)
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On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Guy wrote:

> As I understand it the Datsun conversion that is so popular in the USA is
> pretty straightforward and dosn't need bodywork mods. Is that right ?

Guy, that is correct.

> Datsuns were sold in the UK as Nissans, and I am trying to find out which
> was / is the UK model name / number  of the version that you go for in the
> States? Was it sold in the UK?  What year are we talking about?  We had a
> thing called a Nissan Sunny,  but I don't know if it was 5 spd. Havn't seen
> one for ages.

I am from Germany and don't think I have ever seen the car in Europe.
It's a 78-81 Datsun 210.  It is a little, pretty ugly, cheap car.  They
also made coupes and station wagons.  They have RWD obviously.  They only
Nissan Sunnys I know are the later FWD ones.

It is my opinion that the only reason why they sell the Ford and
Toyota conversions in Europe is that they don't have the Datsun 210, no
matter what Daniel says.  :-)
He did mention a new conversion out of Germany I think, I can't remember
what tranny it's based on.

> Then there was a Nissan Prairie, a sort of small proto-MPV (Van?)
> Any ideas ?

Wasn't that FWD?

Guy, if you are serious about this, I think you should get the 210 trans.
and the kit from over here and not cut up your car.

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