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Re: Carpet Kits

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Subject: Re: Carpet Kits
From: RBHouston@aol.com
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 13:11:28 EST
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Ya know,
Sounds like a business opportunity there.  Someone could make a good tracing
of each model, get 'em drawn on a sheet of butcher paper, and then make copies
(Kinkos has a large copier, or an architects office with a blue print copier).

Even our buddies at Mini Maniac, Muss, or Victoria Brutish, should be able to
peddle these for $5-10 a piece (guess that's be $25 at Muss, and VB would copy
at 90%).

Anyway, just a thought.

Frank, you ought to have enough examples to start this enterprise over the

Robert Houston
74 Midget, Katy

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