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Re: Church key

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Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 21:38:29 EDT
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In a message dated 6/1/99 3:38:35 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
spritenut@Exit109.com writes:

> > "Church Key"?   Man o Man, Herb--dating yourself--I remember when church 
> keys
>  > used to be crucial equipment--right up there with a steering wheel and a
>  > brake pedal.  Then they came along with "pop tops" and alas, I bet the
>  > youngsters never heard of a "church key"!!

Oh man, reminds me of my freshman year in college.  I drove the 65 Midget (in 
1968) 35 miles north across the state line to Merrietta, OK, with a 17 year 
old date, because a. you could buy the famous 'Coors" not sold in Texas at 
that time and b. The store in Merrietta would sell to anyone of any age...I 
was only nineteen.

At that time you still needed a church key and they gave you one free with 
every case of beer.  Only trouble was, Coors was one of the first beers to 
come in alluminum cans...first I had ever seen then.

We had barely cleared the city limits and the young lady opened me a "cool 
one" putting the church key through the top and back out the side (from the 
inside.)  We thought it was just foaming over (it was spewing out the hole in 
the side) so I grabbed it and took a manly slug, and proceeded to slice the 
bejesus out of my lower lip on the jagged hole in the side of the can.

The lady had just opened one for herself, and I had just figured out why I 
was bleeding when I noticed the flashing red lights in the rear view mirror.

Ever try to hide a case of beer, two open, in a midget as you pull the 

I was out of state, underage, with two open containers and an underage girl.

The good news was that she did hide the beer under her legs, and the trooper 
only gave me a warning ticket for no tail lights (thank you Lucas).

Robert Houston

Is it a sign of old age when you start thinking those were the good ol days?

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