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Re: Church key

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Subject: Re: Church key
From: "Andy Webster" <trunkie@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 16:36:35 GMT
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In the last few years almost every australian beer,(which we all know are 
the best, after all we got the idea of putting it in the FRIDGE first!), 
have gone twist top. I firmly believe this is a plot to make life difficult 
for the home brewer. Its harder to get a good seal with the twisties than 
the old crown seal. But then they'd probably put you americans in jail for 
brewing your own beer wouldn't they?!
I find it ironic that the one beer we have exported in a  major way is the 
last choice for most diserning aussie p*ssheads (FOSTERS)
But anyway...this isn't the brewers droop e-list is it?
>From: Herb_Goede@amsinc.com
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>Subject: Re: Church key
>Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 09:33:02 -0600
>Hey folks.  I'm 40 not dead.  Pop tops have been around for most of my
>life.  However, good beer comes in bottles without twist tops.  So, the
>church key is still an integral part of any complete tool box.
>Herb G.

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