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Re: Judson-Head Gaskets

To: Mark Endicott <endicott@nashville.com>
Subject: Re: Judson-Head Gaskets
From: HFC <froggi@cdsnet.net>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 23:17:34 -0700
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Definitely go with the copper gasket, but no need to reduce compression by
using a thicker material.

I've run 32 psi with copper, without any failure.  If you want to get
serious, O-ring the head.
WFO Herb
Keep the sticky side down!

Mark Endicott wrote:

> It has been suggested that I consider installing a copper head gasket
> and even a thicker gasket when I put the Judson on my 1275.  As I
> understand it I can and should reduce the compression ratio with a
> thicker gasket to help prevent detonation.  I have found a url for a
> company that makes gaskets to order out of pure copper.  Is there a
> formula I can use to determine how much thicker gasket the gasket should
> be to add the additional chamber volume to change it from a stock 1275H
> (8.8:1?) to about 8:1?. And/or anybody know what the thickness of the
> stock gasket is?
> Gasket Works list gaskets available in the following thickness. Anybody
> used them for A series gaskets?
> 022,.032,.040,.043,.054,.063,.086, .093, and .125 inches.
> http://www.headgasket.com/
> --
> Mark
> 1970 Midget
> Nashville, TN
> http://members.home.net/mendicott/midget.html
> http://www.NashvilleTN.org/

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