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Re: Car show judging, now OE tools

To: "Charles D. Sorkin" <cdsorkin@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Re: Car show judging, now OE tools
From: Brad Fornal <toyman@htcomp.net>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 19:10:04 -0500
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Reply-to: Brad Fornal <toyman@htcomp.net>
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FWIW I have the original jack  for mine but also use the scissor jack for mine
as my 65 has the jack holes messed up from the jack moving, I won't let that
happen to the Sprite!! I put the jack under the front mount for the axle spring
to raise the car in the back.  Brad

"Charles D. Sorkin" wrote:

> >Charles, I will answer as best I can your question. I read the entire
> thread and
> >so far have not seen an answer for you. I am using the Original Sprite
> Midget as
> >a guide and it does not show a picture of the kit for a '74,however it does
> show
> >one for the Midget MkII which includes the jack, lug wrench and jack
> ratchet. It
> >also shows a grease gun, a spark plug removal tool and I think some feeler
> >gauges. The picture is on page 84, what your car came with is kit # AKF
> 1596.I
> >hope this helps     Brad
> >
> What a coincidence... I actually need those things.  I'll probably bide my
> time looking for a jack (I have many other things on which to spend $150
> right now) but I do need to pick up a grease gun and a sparkplug turner.
> Feeler guages too.  Any ideas where I could get the originals?  (Affordably
> of course...)
> One the subject of the jack, I've been using a traditional "scissor" jack to
> elevate the car.  I place it directly below the jacking point hole, on the
> crossmember, but this isn't quite good enough for the rear axle.  I usually
> call my wife over to lift the car an additional inch or so in order to refit
> the rear wheel.  Is there anywhere near the rear of the body where it is
> safe to place the jack?
> Regards,
> Charles
> '74 Midget
> cdsorkin@ix.netcom.com
> Bloomfield, NJ

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