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Re: magnet on/off switch (LAC)

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Subject: Re: magnet on/off switch (LAC)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 14:25:25 -0500
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Just like Chrysler car alarms... (newer ones anyway.. no battery
at all in the keyfob)

The equivalent AC power transformer
simply uses the space between the toothbrush and the 
case to induce an AC field into the brush base which uses
it as appropriate.

Paul Tegler   wizardz@toad.net        http://www.teglerizer.com 

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Subject: Re: magnet on/off switch (LAC)

On a similar note, I just bought a Braun placque remover (electric toothbrush) 
whose recharging ability baffles me.

The base is solid plastic with a little post that accepts the toothbrush. The 
toothbrush bottom has a small hole so it fits on the base. There are no visible 
electrical contacts on either the base or the toothbrush.

You plug the base into the wall, you sit the toothbrush on the base,
and lo-and-behold, the charging light on the base lights up and
the battery in the toothbrush gets charged.

How? I'm guessing some kind of inductance. 

Just curious,
Kent McLean,
with a '56 Healey 100, thinking about
a bugeye to autocross.

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