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Re: Broken bumper and no gear stick

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Subject: Re: Broken bumper and no gear stick
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 19:53:56 -0500
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ryan marro wrote:

> Sue,
> I've failed you (not permanently, but might not help much for the next week
> or so).  See story below.  I didn't bring the gear stick with me, so it may
> be a week and a half before I can mail your gear stick (3 Jan).  Is that too
> long?  Do you have something else to drive in the mean time?  I'm sorry.
> Ryan
> List,
> I was going to tow my Bugeye home with me for Christmas (not too far, from
> NC to SC).  I wanted to check the brakes, timing, etc. while I was sitting
> around doing nothing.  I can never seem to get to all of the little things
> (like soldering the crimp-ons) during the week.  I hooked up my Bugeye to
> the wife's Pathfinder (I know, it's Japanese) with a tow bar hooked to the
> bumper.  I checked everything out and all seemed to be a go for launch.  I
> pulled out of the neighborhood and the bumper gave out.  The supports
> buckled, the bumper wrapped around the new tires, twisted the tires opposite
> the direction of travel, skinned up one of the steel wheels, and scratched
> the hood (bonnet).  I stopped, slightly blocking one lane of traffic (but
> mostly in the median), but what could I do?  I wasn't going to drag her any
> further with the tires squealing like that.  I had to disconnect the tow bar
> from the bumper, then from the car, and disconnect the safety chain.  Then,
> I had to remove the bumper from the car so that I could steer.  I
> disconnected the trailer harness and lights and then, with help from my
> neighbor, pushed the car back into the neighborhood.  (That was a fun 1/4
> mile, uphill, through the snow, barefoot, etc....)  I was so upset,
> frustrated, disgusted, brokenhearted, that I pushed her all the way into the
> garage and left her.  I also left behind a certain gear stick I had promised
> Sue.  I'll still send it to you, but it may be a day late and a dollar
> short.  I briefly contemplated driving her to SC (250 miles--no big deal),
> but the wife had been up until 0230 cleaning house the night before and
> really wasn't in any shape to drive the Pathfinder(unbeknownst to me, she
> said she'd come to bed, "In a little while," when I had gone to bed the
> night before).  Why do you need a clean house when you aren't going to be
> there for a week and a half?  Anyway, now I'm stuck here with no LBC.  And I
> have it on good authority that my uninformed, but well-meaning parents
> bought me a M*SS gift certificate for Christmas.  I seem to have unusually
> bad luck with this car.
> Ryan

God, I thought I was the only person with a wife like that. She has to 
spotlessly clean
the house before we go anywhere. She says she has to come come to CLEAN HOUSE. 
I am happy
just to come home.

Merry Christmas

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