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Pulsing and surging

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Subject: Pulsing and surging
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 20:23:48 -0500
OK... here we go... this problem has not
changed through all the following repairs
and upgrades.

Driving at steady constant speed I get a pulsing
or surging/dropout (what ever you want to call it)
You pull the choke out and it disappears with  
it seeming like a bit more power coming in.
I've replaced fuel pumps, carbs, added fuel
pressure regulators, changes carb piston springs,
changed carb needles, air filter styles (stock - 
free flow) exhaust system diameters, manifolds, 
head gaskets. re-curved and /or rebiult distributors, changed
dist. models, points and electronic conversions.

This problem appears on more than one marque
I own.  

Anyone have any wild ideas? past experiences?

Paul Tegler  wizardz@toad.net        http://www.teglerizer.com 

Paul Tegler  wizardz@toad.net        http://www.teglerizer.com 

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