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OKC All british meet

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Subject: OKC All british meet
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 13:29:03 -0600
Well I'm happy to say that the OKC all British Car & Cycle meet was well
attended this year.  I didn't participate but I did some looin'..

I counted 7 bugeyes, only one Midget,  5 100 series Healey's, at least 20
some odd MGB's  6 or 8 TR's some Harolds a couple of Minors  even a delivery
van Minor.  6 or 8 Jags..no E types this year :(.  Aston Martin made a show
as well.  Along with about 4 or 5 BSA and Triumphs.  I was actually
impressed for OKC this was a good showing.  Guess I'll need to join the
local MG club and get to know these guys.  Now I know this isn't a "big"
meet but compared to last year it was good.  Last year there were 9 E-types
a big healey and a sprite, so it was good for us and fun.  Hope you all are
having a great weekend...i'm off in the Midget.

1969 Midget

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