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British Car Week - SW CT part 2

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Subject: British Car Week - SW CT part 2
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 19:14:49 -0400
Well, finally some Brit cars of note:  One of the Burr brothers went by the
house this morning in his blue MGB (Two of the Burrs & I are within a
2-block radius, all with blue CB roadsters).   Was it the one who just got
his XKE engine back from the shop?  Or the one who just rebuilt his B's
front end?

On my way to the beach I saw a new Mini - red/white with UGLY twin, widely
separated stripes.  And, on the way back from the beach a nice, clean Bugeye
3 blocks from home.  Never saw it before in town.  Wonder who it is.

Norm SIppel
'66 MGB - beach buggy today

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