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Re: British Car Week Report from Gettysburg area

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Subject: Re: British Car Week Report from Gettysburg area
Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2002 23:14:10 -0400
Wonderful day to have the LBC out on the road. My S.O. and I drove about 
150 miles today wondering over a lot of the battlefield and I can only say 
that I saw one other LBC and it was a TD or TF, I was too far away to tell 
for sure. I tried to catch up to it but the traffic and lights wouldn't 
cooperate besides, the speed limit is only 25 thru the battlefield grounds. 
Seen 4 miatas, 3 with the tops up, the other contained 2 very nice looking 
blondes...... Don't remember if their top was up or not.........

I changed the differential from a 4.22 to a 3.90 this morning and what a 
difference it made !!!!! Now I have to find a later model speedometer that 
matches up with the ribcase and this pumpkin.

60 Bugeye

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