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British Car Week - Final SW CT Chapter

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Subject: British Car Week - Final SW CT Chapter
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 21:13:28 -0400
Well, today was a bonanza only because I went to the Greenwich Concours.
Some beautiful British iron there (And, German, Italian & Etceterini).
Afterward, I borrowed a friend's pickup & went up to Cheshire, CT to pick up
newly rebuilt engine.  Got on Merritt Pkwy a few hundred feet in front of
Red/White Morris Minor.  That was the only old Brit car I saw on the trip.
BUT,... I saw a Ferrari 512 BB on I-84 east of Waterbury.  That's only the
2nd one I've seen on the road since their intro in 1982.  It isn't that they
are rare, 1,007 in 3 years of production.  It's just that few made it to the
US.  Then on the return trip a pair of Corvettes northbound on Rt. 8 - a '59
or '60 & a "Mid-year" roadster.

The weather & some shows around Connecticut really brought them out.
Downtown Greenwich was a "Gawker's Paradise."
Sports & imports from the '50's & '60's all over the place - on the streets
& in parking lots.

Norm Sippel
'66 B, '59 Turner

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