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Re: British Car Week - Final SW CT Chapter

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Subject: Re: British Car Week - Final SW CT Chapter
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 22:28:40 -0400
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Gee, Norm, you missed your own CT MG Club show, British by the Sea at Harkness
Park in Waterford.  We had 307 (or so) examples of those British cars there.
Maybe that's why you saw so few while out and about.  Sorry you couldn't make 


N wrote:

> Well, today was a bonanza only because I went to the Greenwich Concours.
> Some beautiful British iron there (And, German, Italian & Etceterini).
> Afterward, I borrowed a friend's pickup & went up to Cheshire, CT to pick up
> newly rebuilt engine.  Got on Merritt Pkwy a few hundred feet in front of
> Red/White Morris Minor.  That was the only old Brit car I saw on the trip.
> BUT,... I saw a Ferrari 512 BB on I-84 east of Waterbury.  That's only the
> 2nd one I've seen on the road since their intro in 1982.  It isn't that they
> are rare, 1,007 in 3 years of production.  It's just that few made it to the
> US.  Then on the return trip a pair of Corvettes northbound on Rt. 8 - a '59
> or '60 & a "Mid-year" roadster.
> The weather & some shows around Connecticut really brought them out.
> Downtown Greenwich was a "Gawker's Paradise."
> Sports & imports from the '50's & '60's all over the place - on the streets
> & in parking lots.
> Norm Sippel
> '66 B, '59 Turner

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