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Ironhead goes to Ft Meigs

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Subject: Ironhead goes to Ft Meigs
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 11:45:41 -0400
Sunday Ironhead and I went to Ft Miegs car show sponsored but Lake Erie Club. 
We joined a group of Triumph club people to convey down to Perrysburg, OH a 
trip of about 100 miles. We had one Bugeye, 2 TR-6, a TR-3, aTR-4A, a beautiful 
GT6 and were led by a XK-8. These people had gone to London, Ontario the day 
before. It was a great show, about 200 cars. there were 3 Bugeyes and many 
square Sprites. It had everything from a 1948 MG TC to a real Cobra 427 
(autographed by Carroll himself) The Triumph club took lots of honors, 
including the club with most members and 2 out of three winners of the British 
car quiz !
Ironhead has the aluminum head cut .040" and Rim Flo valves installed. I spent 
two days tuning the Weber, with limited results- the car ran fine and cool, but 
was like driving a plate car-come off the throttle and slow down real fast-take 
a long time to get up top speed.
I have a 25D dizzy timed at about 15 degrees with 15 degrees centrifugal 
advance. What do others run for dizzys? I'm thinking of buying an Aldon with 
only centrifugal advance.
Working on Ironhead to get ready for Lake Tahoe!
Roger Cotting

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