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RE: Temp Sending unit

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Subject: RE: Temp Sending unit
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 12:51:48 -0400
John and ALL,

Try to locate the sensor in the head if possible.  I've "cooked" a block
using the sensor in the radiator.  All the coolant was gone from the
radiator and the radiator was cool to the touch but the block got so hot it
needed a rebuild. (I wasn't driving at the time.....  I told a friend who
was out for a short ride to "keep an eye on the gauges"  which he did.....)

Kevin V.

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The place you describe is where the heater shut-off valve should be. Not
necessarily a bad place, but incorrect and so I wonder what tyoe od sender
you are using. The correct place is is in the right hand top of the
radiator. There is also a place in the cylinder head, but just in front of
the #1 spark plug.

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