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Re: Weber DGV carb

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Subject: Re: Weber DGV carb
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 22:27:20 -0400
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>I've just rebuilt the carb.

> The latter suggests that you are running way too lean, for whatever
> Try adjusting the mixture screw in till it just seats, then reverse it for
> 1/2 turns. Hook up a dwell tach, start her up, and adjust the screw in
> (clockwise) till the engine stumbles, then back out (counterwise) till it
> stumbles again, then back to the highest revs.  Oh--be sure to set your
> timing first.
> If it is not the mixture screw, then perhaps the jets are blocked or the
> floats need setting.  Are the carbs dirty?  Need overhauling?  Shafts
> and allowing too much air to be sucked in?
> --DAvid C.

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