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ZS CD150 part quest

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Subject: ZS CD150 part quest
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 22:00:23 -0700
My 79 Midget's carb and manifold are all re-installed in the car after
pulling a PO-installed Weber that isn't street legal here in California.

The missing piece is a right-angled connector that comes out of the bottom
of the carburetor and via cables eventually ends up at the distributor.
Moss and VB don't show the connector available in their catalog.  If you
have a Victoria British catalog, the piece itself isn't shown but it goes on
the end of part #12 under Emission Components for a 1977-79 on page 73.

Here is a photo:

Any suggestions on a source for this little gadget??


Bill Tubbs

79 Midget
67 Alpine
59 VW Bug
88 BMW 528e
86 Honda GoldWing
85 Ford Ranger (the token 'Murkan vehicle)

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