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To: mweeks16@cox.net, spridgets@autox.team.net
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 20:10:37 EDT
Wait a minute.  You got a hole in one AND a first place with your bugeye?  
What's next, you gonna marry a supermodel? <VBG>

Congrats, must have been a great day.


In a message dated 6/4/02 6:05:25 PM, mweeks16@cox.net writes:

<<Well everyone, I guess I need to tell of my adventure this past weekend.  
my 1st publicly judged show for "Bloodshot" at Harkness Park in Waterford Ct.
The day stated at 8:30 with some sprinkles here in RI.  Did I put the top on,
Hell no.  Took the 2 showers I drove through like a trooper.  Then met up with
my club members at 9:30 across the state.  (Don't forget, RI is small)  then
we caravanned to the show, about another 45 min.  Car ran great no problems at
all, water temp, oil pressure everything, no problems.  Arrived at the show at
around 10:30, then I registered and found my spot on the show field, and broke
out the collapsible chairs and tables, and just kicked back and enjoyed the
beautiful New England day.  There were about 300 cars at the show, real nice
show.  So I went around and casted my votes for all the different classes of
cars and went and had a bite to eat.  There were 7 cars in my class, 3 bugeyes
and the rest sq bodied sprites.  A maroon bugeye next to me was the one I
thought would win.  Well, when it came down to the final tally, I guess the
public liked what I did, cause I received my 1st, First place for my car.  All
I can say is the feeling I had at that moment compared to the one I had when I
got a Hole In One playing golf.  It was one of the most satisfying feelings
I've ever had and made all the waiting and work, and money worth it.  But, as
the title of this message goes, there was a bad.  After packing up and
preparing to leave, I got in the car and drove off the showfield and right ion
the middle of the road, my 5 speed decided to lock in 2nd gear.  Took four of
us to rock it so I could at least get it into 5th where we could at least roll
it off the road.  So I had to ride home in the front seat of a flatbed.
yesterday the engine and tranny were pulled and another 5 speed is being
installed.  So I guess the moral is like the title, Ya gotta take some Bad
with the Good.  IT was still worth it though!

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