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Re: Magnetic sump plugs

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Subject: Re: Magnetic sump plugs
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 16:30:55 -0400
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you have Bondo in your car?! Is that what makes it so fast?

At 9:45 PM -0400 6/6/02, Frank Clarici wrote:
>Here is the ultimate on this thread.
>Get a cheap compass, stick it on your dash, aim the car towards magnetic
>north, eventually you will get to that big magnetic rock, once the cdar
>sticks to the rock at the magnetic north pole, change your oil.
>Do this every 3000 miles and the only problem you might encounter is
>trying to get the car off the rock.
>With my new fiberglass front end and all the bondo in the tail, I should
>have no problem but you guys will a lot of steel still in your spridgets
>may be stuck awhile.
>Frank Clarici
>Toms River, NJ

Jeffrey H. Boatright, PhD
Assistant Professor, Emory Eye Center, Atlanta, GA, USA
Senior Editor, Molecular Vision, http://www.molvis.org/molvis

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