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I've been gone, but hopefully not forgotten

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Subject: I've been gone, but hopefully not forgotten
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 17:23:44 -0700
Howdy fellow listers!

I've been monitoring the list while I've been out and about, but haven't
jumped in on any discussions.  While I've been able to receive email
fine, sending has been a hit or miss affair!  

As some may remember, I got a new job at the beginning of March that
would involve me moving to Italy.  Well, that is still the plan, but the
paperwork required to get an Italian work visa rivals that of mounting
an appeal of a death sentence case!

So starting at the beginning of April, I've been hopping on planes to
get the work done.  Just since April 1st, I've flown over 60,000 miles!
I just got back in this morning from Miami, and tomorrow I head out for
two more weeks in Milan.  All this time my poor Sprite has had to sit
lonely in the garage.

Now for the LBC content:
One thing I was surprised at seeing was the lack of LBCs in Europe.
Except for the Mini, which are still in abundance (including the new
MINI), I didn't see any Spridgets, MGBs, or Triumphs while in Portugal,
France, or Italy.  And I only saw a very few in Manchester and
Liverpool, where I expected to see more of "our" cars.  In fact, I saw
more LBCs driving home today from the airport in San Francisco than I
did in two weeks in France and Italy.  In fact, and this can't be
encouraging for Jay, I didn't see any Innocenti in Italy either.

So I'd like to thank the list for keeping me entertained while abroad,
and it was also a link back "home".   I hope to be able to post more
once I get settled in one spot, which looks like sometime in late
July/early August.  Maybe there are some tips from our European listers
on where I should be looking for LBCs while I'm on that side of the

Greg Gowins
'69 Sprite
Dublin, CA (soon Milan, Italy)

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