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Re: I've been gone, but hopefully not forgotten

To: "Greg Gowins" <cartman@dnai.com>, "Spridgets List" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: I've been gone, but hopefully not forgotten
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 07:44:17 +0100
References: <008f01c20f4b$ea7efd70$b916e80c@C1640585A>
Hi Greg,
over 80% of all Spridgets and MGBs ever made were exported to USA.
Why do you expect to see any in Europe!?

From "Greg Gowins" <cartman at dnai.com>

> Howdy fellow listers!
> Now for the LBC content:
> One thing I was surprised at seeing was the lack of LBCs in Europe.
> Except for the Mini, which are still in abundance (including the new
> MINI), I didn't see any Spridgets, MGBs, or Triumphs while in
> France, or Italy.  And I only saw a very few in Manchester and
> Liverpool, where I expected to see more of "our" cars.  In fact, I
> more LBCs driving home today from the airport in San Francisco than
> did in two weeks in France and Italy.  In fact, and this can't be
> encouraging for Jay, I didn't see any Innocenti in Italy either.
> Greg Gowins
> '69 Sprite
> Dublin, CA (soon Milan, Italy)

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