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What a Bummer Day

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Subject: What a Bummer Day
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 20:31:47 -0700
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Wow, what a day...
Up at 6am to get underway before 8.  We're 20 miles out of town when I
remember I forgot the title to the car.  Candi heads back and Alissa and I
continue on, agreeing to wait at the BK in Red Bluff.  Upon arriving in Red
Bluff, Alissa lets me know that her diaper is full...and the diaper bag is
with Candi.  Oh well, we throw away the diaper, and run a-natural with a
promise not to go...  We play in the play house for about 20 minutes and
Candi catches up.  The MG is running like a dream.  We're now about 30
minutes behind schedule, but I had already planned for that.  Around Lake
Shasta, the MG starves out for fuel, and then comes back to life.  Does it
again a couple of miles later.  We pull off and I do some poking around, but
all seems fine, as there is fuel in the fuel filter.  I decide to go on, but
don't get but about 500 feet before she dies and won't start again.  I pull
the fuel hose off and have Candi turn it over, but no fuel pumps out.  Mind
you this fuel pump was brand new 700 miles ago.  So we hop in the Honda and
backtrack to Shasta City, about 15 miles.  There is a little Napa parts
house, and a helpful counter staff.  We find a universal low pressure
electric pump, and buy the necessary tools and wire to do a road side
install.  $80 and we head back to the car.  Go to jack it up, and the jack I
bought is for an MGB and won't fit in the jack holes.  I tell myself, that
I'll ship a correct one to the buyer when I get home.  Good thing the Honda
has a scissor jack and not some funky only-work-on-a-Honda thingy.  Fuel
pump install is simple and straight forward, and within another 15 minutes
we're back on the road, but now it's noon (we were supposed to be in Klamath
Falls at noon).  Oh well, the MG is buzzing along quite nicely, and I turn
the stereo off to enjoy the sound of the car and the road.  Well you know we
don't make it another 15 miles and POW.  Instantly the rear wheels lock up,
and the back end swerves.  I jam in the clutch, all the idiot lights are on,
and get to the side of the road.  Candi says it looks like I had a blow out,
but all of the tires have air; I know better.  Starter just spins, so I put
the car in gear and try to roll it.  Frozen solid.  Open the hood and poke
around.  Well the big end of the #4 rod is poking out of the side of the
block...again mind you, I have a whole 700 miles on this engine, and B: we
were on the way to deliver it to its new owner...  A flat bed ride home is
quoted at $3 per mile, (as in almost $400 total).  Storage is only $5 per
day, so she is having a sleep over for the week in Dunsmuir.  Next Tuesday I
get to borrow a truck and trailer to go fetch her.
I talked to the buyer, very understanding guy, thank God.  He is still
interested, so long as I fix it, but was willing to bow out if I needed to
sell it for more when all is said and done.  Looks like I'll be rebuilding
the spare short block that's out in the garage.
Could have been worse...

David Riker
63 Falcon
70 Torino
74 Midget
77 Midget :(
98 Accord
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> What's the decision - I'll be here at the office till noon.   Do you know
> where King Wah's is?    Meet me here at the office?  Let me know.

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