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Re: What a Bummer Day

To: Brad Fornal <toyman@digitex.net>, spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: What a Bummer Day
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 07:25:11 -0700
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Crank was in nice shape, so it was polished and kept standard grind, new
bearings.  Someone had been in the engine previous and had devised a welded
"shelf" to hold the thrust washers in place.  Didn't do any of the
additional oil port enlarging.  This was a "budget rebuild" for resale
purposes, but everything was checked.  I think that the machine shop made an
error.  The only reason for the rod cap to come loose, which so far is how
it appears is for a bolt/nut to come loose or fail.  Rod bolts on the 1500
aren't really under much stress as the power stroke is pushing against the
crank, and the compression stroke is pulling up against the rod.  The bolt
would have had to have been too loose, or stressed by over torquing.
Needless to say, this machine shop came recommended by a friend who owns a
transmission shop.  Well he screwed up my falcon engine, and promised to pay
for the additional costs I incurred fixing it.  So I let him make it up by
having him deduct what he owed from the MG rebuild costs.  I plan on going
over and "asking" for a cash refund this time.  I don't want him to touch it
even if he offers to.
David Riker
63 Falcon
70 Torino
74 Midget
77 Midget
98 Accord
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> did you do all the things a 1500 needs to be more dependable to the
> motor??
> Brad

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