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Re: Drilled Brake Rotors

To: "Mueller, Robert CDR" <RMueller@grumobile.uscg.mil>, <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Drilled Brake Rotors
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 14:44:52 -0400
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ya know drilled rotors also get rid of unsprung weight too!    :)

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Subject: Drilled Brake Rotors

> Fellow Spridgeteers,
> Been following the thread on improving brakes, and the thoughts on drilled
> rotors in particular.  On the Porsche 944 List, they consider most drilled
> rotors to be "eye candy," as they usually crack after hard use, like on
> track.  Seems when they drill the holes, it sets up all sorts of stress
> points, and thus helps form the cracks.  The "drilled" rotors that come
> the Porsche factory for the new cars are not drilled at all, but are
> actually cast with the holes in place, and thus don't have the stress
> (mega $$$, and not available for older Porsches anyway).  I believe the
> original idea for "drilled" rotors was in the 917s back in the early 70's
> and the idea was to improve braking in the wet, to get rid of the thin
> of water vapor that gets between the disks and the pads when water hits
> hot brakes.  Since those brakes were internally vented, the idea was for
> water vapor layer to get sucked in the holes and out through the internal
> vents.  I'm not sure that would work on solid disks that have been
> so the holes on Midget rotors may do nothing positive at all.  Anyway, the
> general consensus is that "drilled" rotors are a waste of money and as was
> mentioned earlier, the slotted rotors (with groves in the face) do a much
> better job of getting rid of that water vapor and don't crack

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