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Re: Fuel Gauge Problems Persist

To: Dave Hiley <dhiley@cadvision.com>, spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Fuel Gauge Problems Persist
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 10:39:48 -0700

Did you try reading the gauge with the sender out of the tank and seeing
how it responds to you manual movement? That would give you your answer
regarding the gauge. Your tank may be grounded, but is the sender? This is
typically what I've found to be the problem. Sometimes between the paint or
rust and the gasket a poor ground results between the sender itself and the
gas tank.


At 11:17 AM -0600 6/14/02, Dave Hiley wrote:
>A month or so ago I sought the list's advice on for a fuel gauge reading
>problem.   Unfortunately many of the replies I received are on a computer
>that is no longer living.   Here is a brief recap of the problem and what I
>have done to try to resolve it.
>The gauge worked before I installed a new fuel tank.
>Now it reads full even when the tank is nearly empty.
>The tank is properly grounded.
>The sender unit cycles normally and smoothly  when out of the tank and
>reads 15 ohms in the full position and approx. 250 ohms in the empty position.
>If I disconnect the power lead at the bullet connector near the front of
>the tank the gauge drops to empty.
>Is it possible that the gauge is the problem?
>'72 Midget

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