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RE: Fuel Gauge Problems Persist

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Subject: RE: Fuel Gauge Problems Persist
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 14:01:22 -0400
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Thread-topic: Fuel Gauge Problems Persist
Do you have the same sender as before - is it just the tank that was

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|Subject: Fuel Gauge Problems Persist 
|A month or so ago I sought the list's advice on for a fuel 
|gauge reading 
|problem.   Unfortunately many of the replies I received are on 
|a computer 
|that is no longer living.   Here is a brief recap of the 
|problem and what I 
|have done to try to resolve it.
|The gauge worked before I installed a new fuel tank.
|Now it reads full even when the tank is nearly empty.
|The tank is properly grounded.
|The sender unit cycles normally and smoothly  when out of the tank and 
|reads 15 ohms in the full position and approx. 250 ohms in the 
|empty position.
|If I disconnect the power lead at the bullet connector near 
|the front of 
|the tank the gauge drops to empty.
|Is it possible that the gauge is the problem?
|'72 Midget

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