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RE: Trying to start my 79 Midget

To: "Spridgets" <Spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: RE: Trying to start my 79 Midget
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 13:59:11 -0700
Dangdest, thing.

I tried starting the Midget a few more times and -- nothing.  Back to square
one, I thought.

But this morning I tried and it started up and ran as long as I kept the
RPMs up.  After about a minute, it ran on its own, but fast (the tach isn't
working -- that's another problem).

After a few minutes, I killed it.  Then tried to start it and -- nothing.
So, we know it works.  The question is why does it do this.  I'm going to
dismantle the cannisters and empty/clean/refurbish them (I don't know about
that 'hit the charcoal with a propane torch' trick).  Then I'll see if I
want to mess with the water choke (I hate tiny parts that I always tend to
lose).  Finally, I may mess with the carb itself and see if there are any
major glitches in it.  I'm pretty sure the problem is flooding somewhere
because I DO smell the fuel.  The question is, where?

I sure appreciate all the tips I've been getting here and via personal
email.  Thanks guys!!


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