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RE: Trying to start my 79 Midget

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Subject: RE: Trying to start my 79 Midget
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 17:33:27 -0700
I tried this and it didn't change anything.  But it got me curious so I
pulled the primary cannister (the one by the firewall?) just to see how it's
constructed.  Everything looked nice and loose inside and in good shape
considering I had no idea what I was looking at.  But at least I ruled out
the sealed system.  Thanks for the tip, Chris.


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Bill -

Check for a blockage in the carbon canister.  If that thing is stuffed
(or plumbed incorrectly), the fuel system will be a sealed system, and
win't take in air fast enought o displace the fuel coming out of hte
tant.  In a few seconds there's more vacuum in the system than the fuel
pump can pull against, and the engine starves out.  After a while the
pressure equalizes, giving you a little bit more run time before the
vacuum kills it again.

Try this, take the gas cap off.  Then start it and run it.  If it
doesn't die with the gas cap off, but does with it on, it's the carbon

Chris K.

> I replaced a Weber carb. setup with the stock ZS and smog gear in
order to
> try and get the car legal here in California.
> The car was running okay with the Weber, so I know the engine is okay.
> After carefully checking all the stupid smog fittings and everything
else, I
> tried the starter.  The engine started after only about 3 pumps with
> accelerator.  But then it died after about 20 seconds or so.  I could
> get it to start up again so just left it for a day or so.  On a whim,
I went
> back and started it up again.  Same thing... runs and then after 20
> just quits and won't restart.  I've tried this pause deal several
times now
> and it fires up each time.
> I'm looking for the obvious... either getting too much gas and
flooding (but
> I don't really smell extra fuel), or the smog crap is starving it for
> What are some obvious places to start to trouble shoot this?  Just
> all the air impediments (cleaner, et al) and see what happens?
> Is there a good 'engine starting FAQ' that's already set up somewhere?
> Bill Tubbs
> http://tubbs.cc/mg

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