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Re: Spridget wheel painting tip

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Subject: Re: Spridget wheel painting tip
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 23:25:04 -0400
RevdSpridget@aol.com wrote:
>What sort of cars race in the world cup - is it a European rally or something?
>In a message dated 13/06/02 19:52:55 Greenwich Standard Time, 
>kentmclean@mindspring.com writes:
>>*world* is watching
>>the World Cup.

The same kind that the Red Wings race -- none.

Since there is no smiley after your question, I'll assume you
truly have no clue and I'll answer it -- the World Cup is a series
of football (soccer) matches to determine the world champion.
Countries from around the world, not just North America, compete.

They're down to the final 16. Defending champion France didn't
make it past the first round, nor did perennial power Argentina.
The US surprised a lot of people by advancing.

'56 100 BN-2

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