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To: Spridgets <spridgets@autox.team.net>
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Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 08:16:24 -0500
A while back I received a funny email called Madcow. I was trying to
save it and was having no luck. A Boy Named SUe has a new ISP which was
able to help. I don't use IE so it still won't work for me, but I wanted
to pass along his advice and his ISP to let you know that there are
still folks out there with brains, and BACKBONE!!!
So as just rec'd from said "...just below Einstein" person, Rick wrote
and I
<<Ok, I solved it for you.

I looked at the code of the page and found the name of the FLASH plug in
called MadCow.swf   (this is a FLASH file).  I then poked around and
the direct link to the file which was
http://www.bestcreatives.com/MadCow.swf .   I opened it and then emailed
page to myself, which captured the file.  I am including the file here
you as attachment.  You simply need to open the file and it may ask you
what file to open it.  Choose Internet Explorer.  As long as your
explorer is FLASH enabled, it will play.

Now you can save this file anywhere and it will play.

I did not look to see if the file was copyright protected and will take
responsibility if it is.  I'm simply passing the info to you.

BLARE away :)

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friends on the list.
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Backbone Internet>>

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