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Subject: Re: attn: members in britain...pleases help re: toneau...
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 22:06:53 EDT
In a message dated 6/15/02 3:10:34 PM, androbus@yahoo.com writes:

<< I have a '63 midget which is right hand drive, and have
been having a bear of a time finding a toneau cover for it
over here in California >>


Can relate to your problem.  First, Robbins, who builds tops and tonneaus for 
Moss, VB, and several others, is in the LA area.  Their tops and tonneaus are 
great looking, with good workmanship.

Unfortunately, they put too much emphasis on snug fit, and the  reality is 
that unless you are superman, you can't pretend to put the top on unless you 
let it sit in the sun for a while--kind of useless when you are caught in the 

The second problem is that if you order a custom top, the likelihood is that 
Robbins will make it and send it to the shop for custom fit--which means  
that you still have a very small top that fits tight.

We actually ended up having a custom made top and tonneau made up by a local 
shop, and insisted that it fit with plenty of room to spare, since we didn't 
want to have to tug it on in the midst of a rainstorm some day--which is 
about the only way the soft top on our car gets up anyway.  The tonneau, 
however, is in daily use and has to be reasonably easy to put on.

If you have the time and energy to work with Robbins, I think they would have 
gotten us a custom top that worked eventually.  They certainly were agreeable 
to work with, but we really needed to be about 100 miles closer to them than 
we were, plus we were time limited because of a long planned trip with Sprite 
in tow.  There is no doubt that their sewing work looks better than any 
custom shop I know of.  Also, if you can get them on at all, the tops and 
tonneaus look fabulous.

Good Luck.

Annice & Bob
1960 Bugeye (Mk. IV in disguise)
1966 Sprite Mk. III (Still in Boxes)

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