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Re: Regular, Plus, or Premium Gas

To: "James Gruber" <thistle_3619@yahoo.com>, "Spridgets Digest" <spridgets-digest@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Regular, Plus, or Premium Gas
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 02:24:16 -0400
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high compression requires high octane !   
after a few tanks of good stuff you will feel it being much-much happier!

59 bugeye with really crappy valve guides but awsome compression!
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From "James Gruber" <thistle_3619 at yahoo.com>
To: "Spridgets Digest" <spridgets-digest@autox.team.net>
Sent: Monday, June 17, 2002 12:44 AM
Subject: Regular, Plus, or Premium Gas

> I've had Bugsy my 68 Sprite with a '66 1098 engine on
> the road since late March. I never thought to ask
> anyone what type of gas to put in and assumed that
> this little old 1098 would run fine on regular. First
> tank of gas in Bugsy was a tank of Premium to help
> burn up the old gas that was in the tank initially.
> Subsequent tanks of gas were regular. Over the past 2
> -3 months Bugsy has been driven 2-300 miles around
> town and as I have expounded to the list, had a
> problem with dieseling. I changed plugs, retarded the
> timing, noticed that I had a vacumn leak around the
> throttle shaft of the front carb that I've attempted
> to seal up. Problem resolved at least temporarily. In
> general tried to get Bugsy to a better state of tune.
> At the same time dieseling problem continues to go on
> and on. Sometimes I have to resort to putting it in
> 4th gear and ease out the clutch in order to get it to
> stop. Very annoying and embarassing to listen to the
> engine run on and on.
> Today on a whim, I filled Bugsy up with Premium and
> added 1/2 can of lead substiture. Drove Bugsy 6-8
> miles fairly hard down some country roads and pulled
> into the driveway. Turned off the engine, it continued
> to run for about two-three revolutions of the engine
> and shut down. No sputtering, no run on, no dieseling.
> Start up was a snap with no loaded up engine from
> unburnt fuel. It can't be this easy can it. Simply
> change to premium gas.
> Engine definitely feels peppier. Will be curious to
> see what a change in gas grade does to fuel mileage.
> Right now Bugsy has been getting about 20 mpg but my
> foot seems to be in it most of the time listening to
> Bugsy run up in second gear listening to the glass
> pack make really nice sounds.
> That leads to another question. Could Bugsy now need
> premium as a result of head being milled and
> compression ratio being raised. No idea on this one
> and P.O. can't supply an answer on this one either. Is
> there any way to tell other than pulling engine apart
> and measuring volume of the combustion chanbers?
> Thanks again for your help.
> =====
> Jim Gruber
> Bugsy '68 Sprite (future Bugeye in disguise)
> Dayton, OH

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