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Re: Q -How to Make a Million Dollars Restoring Sprites

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Subject: Re: Q -How to Make a Million Dollars Restoring Sprites
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 13:05:50 EDT
In a message dated 06/17/2002 9:46:17 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
DLancer7676@cs.com writes:

>  Wait a minute!  Someone bought this car for $22,000...and NOW it is for 
> sale 
> > for HALF that?  

Just guessing, but some fool (like one of us) probably took a bugeye 
somewhere between driver and basket case, and had them restore it.  It would 
certainly be possible to spend $22,000.00 having a car dealer restore your 
car for you.  Keep in mind that having some $60 per hour mechanic do the work 
only insures that it will be done, not that it will be done to concurs 
standards. (or however you spell the c word).

It would take a knowledgeable Spridgeteer overseeing the work quite closely 
to make sure it was done to a Gold Level.

It looks like a nice "restoration" to me either way.  

Now, after a while of driving the bugeye, the fellow decides to sell.  Well 
guess what, there isn't a bid market for $22K bugeyes out there, even close 
to gold ones.

A well restored driver like this one, I would expect to sell somewhere in the 
neighborhood of half that.  In fact, the red bugeye Patricia bought, I 
thought was a well turned out driver, and she paid a fourth of that or less.  
Right Patricia?

Jay Fishocenti just bought a beautifully restored car for $.50 on the 
restoration dollar, and I'm guessing it was because there are few people out 
there that would pay for the total restoration costs of a professional 
restorer out there.  That's why restorers do Dusenburgs, Buggatis and such.

Just my opinion.

Robert Houston

"They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist..." Last words of General John 
Sedgwick at the battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, US Civil War.

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