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More details on the new Bugeye

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Subject: More details on the new Bugeye
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 17:01:19 -0500
Organization: Nebraska Department of Agriculture
Trisha wrote:
> Wait a second.  This is the perfect forum to drone on and on.  We don't find
> this hobby boring, so it isn't droning here.  Let's hear some details.
> Color, engine, whatever else.  If I'm driving through Lincoln any time soon
> I want to be on the lookout for you and your car!
> Congratulations!
> Patricia


Well, you didn't have to twist my arm so hard!  The car is white with
red interior.  It appears the PO put in red carpets, seats, and panels
that have long since gone south, so all will need to be replaced.  It
has a 948 with 4-speed, looks original, but the block is painted red, so
it has obviously been redone sometime in the past.  I'm not sure if the
rear end is original, but it seems to cruise along pretty well in 4th
and keep up with the rest of the traffic.  The speedo quit working at
84,500+ miles, no way to tell when it quit working.

Interesting story on this car, as told to me by Glenn Lenhard, whom I
bought it from, is that it was owned by a television producer (Quantum
Leap show) who moved from the Hollywood area to Colorado a few years
back, then to Florida, where the car sat idle for the last two or three
years.  The car had Colorado plates on it last registered in 2000 (from
what I could make out in Glenn's pictures).

Glenn restored the brake and clutch hydraulics for me (and did an
excellent job, BTW).  It had a frozen right front wheel bearing, blocked
rear brake line, leaking water pump, and non-working ignition switch,
all of which were repaired by Glenn's technicians.  When it came off the
transport truck here in Lincoln, it was ready to go, other than for the
slipping clutch.

(Warning! Here's where the concourse purists need to quit reading.)  

I plan to repaint it eventually (thinking about a dark iridescent
turquoise), but for the time being, I'm leaving it white and thought I'd
paint black spots on it like a Holstein.  I like getting attention, can
you tell? :~}   (My 8 year-old daughter wanted me to paint it Barbie
Pink, but I have to draw the line on any color that creates a sense of
nausea from the gallery.)

I plan to install a 1275 and 5-speed with lower ratio rear end
eventually, which I have already scavenged from a '70 Midget donor car. 
Mostly, I want a car that looks sharp, draws stares/smiles, and perhaps
most importantly, is FUN to drive!

That's about it for now.  By the way, how'd I get a cricket in the right
door panel?  He chirped the whole day yesterday as I was driving around
town.  Sounds like he enjoyed the trip as much as I did!

Tim Creger

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