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Re: Talking of dipsticks...

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Subject: Re: Talking of dipsticks...
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 15:21:02 -0700 |March 22, 2002) at 06/17/2002 05:24:26 PM
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It has a large plastic looking ring/ sleeve around the top, which stops the
dipstick going into the oil pan too far, but this makes the dipstick sit on
top of the engine case, but it is loose and wiggles around.  Without it,
the dipstick goes into the pan, but it is too long and hits the oil pan and
wiggles around....??

Does that make sense, sorry about my lack of technical jargon...!

73 Midget.

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You sure you have the plastic dingus in place?
         peter c 67 sprite
At 04:28 PM 6/17/2002, Robert.Haigney@anixter.com wrote:
>Does anyone have a dipstick for a 1275 Midget, that they would be willing
>to part with for a reasonable price...?
>I have no idea what one is in my engine but it is too long.......!!!
>73 Midget.

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