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Re: Talking of dipsticks...

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Subject: Re: Talking of dipsticks...
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 01:31:47 EDT
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A friend took a small "kitchen" type temperature gauge, added a short 
extension & grommet (to keep oil in) so the whole thing was the length of his 
regular dipstick; he used this to determine the oil temperature before & 
after he installed an oil cooler on his Bugeye. Liked it so much he added 
notches on extension and is using it as combination dipstick and oil temp 

Jim Rogers
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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> Robert,
> If you don't find one, just cut the one you have off (so it fits properly)
> and file a grove at the "full mark" the next time you do an oil change.  Do
> this just after you have refilled the engine with oil.
> Kevin V.
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> Subject: Talking of dipsticks...
> Does anyone have a dipstick for a 1275 Midget, that they would be willing
> to part with for a reasonable price...?
> I have no idea what one is in my engine but it is too long.......!!!
> Robert
> 73 Midget.

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