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Subject: RE: Eek!
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 14:02:51 -0500
Not even close to the same thing!!  The 190SL was a 4 cylinder dog that
topped out about 110, maybe 115 on a nice day, it was made for the ladies.
The 300SL gullwing was a real road-burner good for 145 with short gearing,
over 160 with long gearing (ask me how I know).  Dad had the aluminum body
version with all the long distance racing stuff, including the 15 gallon oil
tank, the 50 gallon gas tank and the 12 gallon water tank.  Even being
aluminum, all that liquid weight made it a bit heavy, so it wasn't exactly
nimble, but man that thing could run and never even get warm, much less hot,
even in South Texas.  The gullwing doors were cool too, it always drew a

'74 Midget
'90 944S2 Cab

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Oops - read too fast, you mentioned the 190 SL - same thing.

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|Mercedes 300SL.

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