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See? Texans can't even take a joke.


(I've heard Hallett is a lot of fun)

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> All right, let's not let facts interfere with our opinions!
> Fact:  Houston, Texas has the largest ex-patriate French colony outside of
New York City.  Can you say Schlumberger?
> Fact:  Texas Motor Speedway is the big NASCAR oval facility in Fort Worth.
In addition to NASCAR, it has hosted CART (although the weenies thought the
track too fast and canceled the race), IRL, and American Le Mans series,
amongst many others.
> Fact:  Hallett is a small track in Oklahoma that has recently been
refurbished and is bloody excellent for small bore cars.  Not much straight;
tight turns and lots of 'em up and down hills.  We (CVAR) are going there in
October and I can't wait.  There were some Thickos there from Colorado
(RMVR) that also had a great time.  It was the best wheel to wheel racing I
had last year, and I raced at Watkins Glen.  I'm also going to race at Road
America in July and don't expect to enjoy it as much from a pure racing
standpoint given the long straightaways I expect to be pushing the Midget
down.  However, this is the Brian Redman International Challenge and I don't
doubt it will be excellent.
> Fact:  Texas _World_ Speedway near College Station is the CVAR home track.
It has seen better days, but it has a great 2.9 mile road course  with a
good variety of turns.  Amenities are short, but at $100 a day to race it is
a great value.  Track condition is generally pretty good, though it gets a
lot of use.  A.J. Foyt's facility is nearby and he does  his testing there,
so it can't be that bad.  Besides the road course, it boasts an oval track
that matches Talledega's.  See http://www.texasworldspeedway.com/history.htm
for a few more facts.
> Fact:  There are also tracks at Motorsports Ranch (near Ft. Worth), the
Grand Sport Speedway (for vintage airport style racing, though it is an old
blimp base) south of Houston, the No Problem Raceway in Lousiana, Carabiniss
(sp?) near Corpus Christi, etc., etc.  Three of those tracks are new.
> I don't mean to sound defensive, but let's not scare the poor guy away.
And if I had my choice of places to live in Texas, Austin would be it. Lots
of hills to drive a LBC around, pretty coeds from UT to decorate the town, a
great nightlife, and some really pretty country. It is a buyer's market
right now for housing, by the way.
> David Littlefield
> 1974 MG Midget vintage racer
> 1961 Jaguar E-Type
> 1951 MGTD
> 1962 MGA Mk II
> >Yeah, but have you considered what Texans might do to a French guy?
> >(and Texas has "shit" for tracks... Texas Motor Speedway, and Hallet,

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