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wheel spacers and removable bonnet harness plug

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Subject: wheel spacers and removable bonnet harness plug
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 21:33:58 -0400
yo-yo-yo!  what up in da hood?
when my bonnet was a tilt forward removable type i had a 6 pin plug on the
harness and a 6pin recepticle mounted right up on the frame rail on the
right side.   all you needed to do was open the bonnet to unplug the harness
and then close it and lift off.
as for wheel spacers in 3/8"?
they are not a very technical item.  if you have a source for the raw
material all you need to do is trace the 5 wheel openings(4 lugs and center
of rim) and cut out the center with a hole saw and drill the 4 stud holes .
and using a band saw or a jig saw cut the spacer outside diameter to the
same area as the rim comes in contact with the drum or disc.   that is
importaint as to not compromise the support area between the rim and drum or
disc brake flange.   we had made ours back in the late 70's and i'm still
using the same ones up front 3/8"  and 1" in the rear on my bugeye.    some
final trimming may be needed to properly clear the slight rounded
(radiused)surface between the flat surface of the wheel's mating surface on
the drum or flange and the rear axle or front hub as it is not a 90 degree
angle but a radiused area.  this would be the inside edge of the center hole
(cut with a hole saw) on the side of the spacer wich contacts the drum of
front hub.

hey!  it's how it was done before the days of ordering from a

break out the stone knifes and bear skins!

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