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Woodies on the Wharf (little LBC)

To: "spridgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Woodies on the Wharf (little LBC)
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 14:00:47 -0700
Cc: <morris@autox.team.net>
We just got back from "Woodies on the Wharf" in Santa Cruz, CA last night and
WOW! I had no idea there were so many good looking woodies left around.  There
were over 150 woodies there yesterday, including mostly Fords, with Chevys,
Pointiacs, Nash, Cadillac, and three Morris Minor Travellers.  Two normal
ones, ours (Winifred) and the one just posted on Gerard's page as well as the
infamous Morizuki 4WD. There was beach music playing all day, line after line
of woodies lining the wharf, perfect weather, and good seafood all along the
wharf to snack on while crowds of people strolled the lines oohing and ahhing
over the gorgeous cars.  There wasn't really that much action as far as
surfing, as the surf was down and one surfer had recently been chomped on by a
great white shark not far from the pier.

Sunburned, sated and satisfied, we are eager to go next year.  Entry was FREE!
Parking on the wharf was free and closed to all but woodies.  Swag bag just
for signing in with better stuff in it than at the pay shows I've attended.
The Morris got much attention and many questions, and best of all was
unquestioningly accepted among the other entrants that probably cost at least
ten times more.   At 3:00, the woodies paraded off the wharf past a very
appreciative audience waving and snapping pictures.  "Winifred" waved to the
crowd with her newly installed trafficators to the delight of many.  Great
people, great show, classic setting.  If you have the chance to catch this
show sometime, do it.  I heard that next year was tentatively scheduled for
June 21st.


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