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'74 Midget?

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Subject: '74 Midget?
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 18:30:31 -0500
Greetings fellow addicts,
 I just returned from yet another LBC hunt. This time I've found a '74
Midget in pretty decent shape. Needs a new top, tires and carpet, (and the
interior steam cleaned) guy wants $2000 firm. NO RUST, and I looked every
where, some work done on left rear quarter, A pillar on left dinged by door.
Oil pressure gauge shows 35 lbs. hot at idle. I broke the throttle cable
listening to the engine run (quiet as could be) so I couldn't drive it but
the owner swears it drives fine. For another  $500 it would be a decent
driver. I don't NEED another car but I would hate to lose out on this one.
So, whaddya think?                    Jim K.

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