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Headlights s'more

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Subject: Headlights s'more
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 10:07:09 -0700 (PDT)
Did this turn into a double post? If so, my apologies.

How does this thing work? Probably a ground (earth)
problem :-)

--- anthony pooley <tpooley@attcanada.ca> wrote:
> Bill, re electrics, it sounds to me like you may
> have power to high AND low
> filaments both sides, both switch positions. Is the
> high beam warning lamp
> in the speedo illuminated in both positions of the
> switch?
> What happens with the switch in center position -
> all off?
> The switch you need should be a Single-Pole,
> Double-Throw type (SPDT).

Finally got some time to work on the Sprite. Removed
both headlights. Hooked a test lamp to high circuit
and ground. Bypassed the switch and wired the high
circuit direct to a hot wire. Checked both hi and low
headlight plugs and only hi lit up. OK. Bypassed
switch again and hooked low circuit to hot wire. With
test lamp found that low circuit only, on both
headlight plugs, lit up. OK

So far so good. Hooked up the sealbeam units to the
plugs. Direct wire (bypassed switch again) to High
beam, found that both high and low terminals lit up
the test lamp. Direct wire (bypassed switch) to Low
beam, both high and low lit up the test lamp.


Have not checked the voltage output to each circuit
yet, but when low circuit is direct wired the whole
thing is dimmer than when the high circuit is direct

Do the headlights pass current through both circuits
when on?

Tonight I am going out there, hook up everything, in
the dark and see if the pattern is different on High
and low. In daylight(inside the garage) there does not
seem to be a difference.

As to the high beam indicator, When both headlights
are plugged in and hooked to a switch (that has center
off, left on, right on,SPDT?) the temporary high beam
indicator(test lamp) lights up in both positions.
Brighter in the Hi beam position, dimmer in the low
beam position.

This is not normal is it?

thanks, bill b.
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