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RE: Healey Limo

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Subject: RE: Healey Limo
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 16:10:55 -0700
I checked the Yellow Pages here in Sacramento and the only thing that looked
like it might come close is a company that has "Vintage Limousines".  But
the picture is of a 30s-style American monster.  I don't see any companies
that advertise anything other than the standard limos, and you'd think that
a stretch-AH would be worth noting.


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Subject: Healey Limo

A co-worker is getting married in the near future and told me today that she
and her fiance had lined up a "Stretch Austin Healey Limo" for their
wedding.  It rents from a Sacramento Limo company.  I've looked for them on
the web, no luck.

Does anyone have  a link to a picture of this car?  Has anyone heard of it?

Glen Byrns

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