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Re: Choke cable location

To: James Kleemeyer <jkk@adams.net>
Subject: Re: Choke cable location
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 22:17:23 -0500
Cc: spridgets@autox.team.net
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James Kleemeyer wrote:
Bet you've never heard this one. The '74 Midget doesn't have a choke cable on 
Where is it supposed to come through the dash? I've looked at my OS&M, it looks
like it's supposed to be above the two warning lights on the far right of the
dash, right? There are three lamps on my dash. The top one is on all the time,
the PO had cleverly stuck a piece of black tape over it. Don't know what it goes
to, isn't this where the choke cable is supposed to be?

Yes,  your choke cable goes there. I would look and see where in the harness the
light is tied in. On the 65 Sprite, when I first put power to the ignition
system, there was a high pitched buzzer under the dash as some sort of asinine
theft deterrent. It was tied into my change oil light, hmm, maybe it was 
to go off when your oil needed changed, and you were to stupid to see a bright
red light on the top of your dash!?!?!?
Look and see what the light is tied into, and then look into removing it and
putting your choke cable in.

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