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Le Mans & Paris & wreck

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Subject: Le Mans & Paris & wreck
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 10:06:18 -0400

Just got back from a trip to Le Mans (vacation) and Paris (business). 
The race was a walk-over by Audi, with MG and Panoz blowing up yet 
again. Morgan (yes, that Morgan) did surprisingly well in GT.

This is a photo of me clapping home the finishers through the 
Indianapolis/Arnage complex. Did anyone else make it?


There were hundreds of LBCs tooting around the area, of course. Lots 
of Big Healeys, Morgans, TVRs, MGBs, TRs, and Spitfires. I even saw a 
very pretty French RWA Midget parked in the middle of the village of 
Arnage. For the rest of the week, we saw LBCs all over the French 
countryside. Very cool.

In Paris, we saw an extraordinary number of Minis, new and old. Most 
were in good to very good condition. I saw one late model blue Midget 
smoking its way down Rue de Rivoli. Looked like it had been run hard 
and hung up wet.

On a darker note, one hour before we were set to catch the plane to 
France, my Dad and I were rear-ended in the Sprite by a guy with a 
cell phone stuck in his ear (I saw him coming in the mirror a split 
second before impact). BOY, I JUST LOVE CELL PHONE DRIVERS. Nobody 
was hurt. The guy's insurance company, so far, has been 
accommodating. They had a rep at my house as I pulled into the 
garage, so we got the ball rolling before leaving for the trip. Since 
their computer database doesn't go back before 1982, they are 
encouraging me to take the car to a specialist body shop of my choice 
to get an estimate. The company is Progressive, and my buddy in the 
insurance commissioner's office says that they do a pretty good job 
in Georgia with this sort of thing. I'll keep you posted on their 

This car is far from original. In fact, the rear clip has yellow 
paint (the car is red everywhere else) hiding all over the place in 
nooks and crannies, with lots of bondo, suggesting to me that the 
entire rear clip was replace once before. I'm wondering if this might 
not be an opportunity for me to create the hybrid car I've always 
wanted: a Bug-eye rear with a later front. Can a Bug-eye rear clip be 
put on a squarebody? Can it be done with fiberglass panels? According 
to Stapleton, these exist, but I've never seem them being sold.

What are the potential pitfalls to the this course of action of 
switching out rear clips (metal or 'glass)?




Jeffrey H. Boatright, PhD
Assistant Professor, Emory Eye Center, Atlanta, GA
Senior Editor, Molecular Vision
<mailto: jboatri@emory.edu>

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