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Re: a photo of my car on ebay

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Subject: Re: a photo of my car on ebay
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 17:23:52 EDT
In a message dated 6/28/02 9:48:24 PM, ptegler@cablespeed.com writes:

<<       the same thing happened to me about 6 months
ago only he was selling an MG BGTand was using a pic of my car.
I gave him a raft of S___ for it and he immediately changed the
photo and apologized. >>

I guess, what all this says, is that you probably can't stop people from 
stealing your pictures for their own profit.  One thing that would help is 
putting a really strong warning on the website that all pictures and articles 
are copyrighted by the originator (see Bob's e-mail) and may not be 
duplicated except with the permission of the photographer or author.  Implied 
permission to reprint is available only with specific permission by the 

What I think should be done in this instance is to require that this thief 
send his entire stock of calendars to the injured people and do something 
positive with them.  The thief probably doesn't have enough money to get up a 
class action against him, but a free calendar isn't nearly good enough, 


Annice & Bob
1960 Bugeye (Mk. IV in disguise)
1966 Sprite Mk. III (Still in Boxes)

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