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RE: Advice needed - NO LBC

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Subject: RE: Advice needed - NO LBC
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 09:58:30 -0400

I tend to agree about the use of a cell phone: get her one.  BUT do your
homework, make sure that you will not be slammed for roaming charges if she
uses the phone in your home town or at school or any other place she is
likely to spend time.  Pay attention to the number of "anytime" minutes, ant
the times that night and weekend minutes apply!  Free long distance gets
very expensive if you are paying $.40/minute for airtime!  And get equipment
replacement insurance.  A good idea is also to put a home phone number on
the phone ( if found call (xxx)-xxx-xxxx) that way if an honest person finds
it you stand a chance of getting it back.

BTW.  I got an MCI phone card from Costco for 3.6 Cents/minute.  Of course
they might go belly up and not honor it for much longer...


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